Introducing Intentional Works & What We Do . . .

Fresh Ideas Drive Our Marketing Goals

We are focused entrepreneurs offering multi-channel services to our clients and partners  as a multimedia marketing and product development firm specializing in Product Development for Direct Response Television (DRTV) Marketing Campaigns and Deep Reach Internet Marketing. Our specialties in related fields of advertising include film, video, media production, DRTV infomercial campaigns, Internet and Social Media marketing, developmental consulting and partnered ecologically stable manufacturing. At present, we are in R&D phase with several new products projected for international reach; we anticipate announcing several exciting roll-outs in 2014 and 2015.

What sets Intentional Works apart from other organizations?

Our intent is to serve our customers with products demonstrating our core belief: “Natural solutions focused on Cause vs Effect, manifest intentional, life-stabilizing, evolutionary results”.

We demonstrate our principles uniting intentionally designed healthful products in support of body, mind and spirit using natural, non-invasive supplemental nourishment and environmentally safe daily life-tools. Our products purposefully embrace life abundantly, healthily and intelligently while you are living large in the present.


Natural organic health supplementation and facial skin care
(fine line reduction and erasure for
mulas) compounding nutrients, herbals and natural minerals from primarily wild-harvested gathering sources
Developmental holistic "Know Yourself" e-communication tools and e-interactive platforms to jump start self awareness for students, educational systems, businesses, communities and developmental practitioners building bridges of understanding between emotions and reason with self-start e-interactive applications for comprehensive communication fundamentals for personal growth, development and evolution

Equestrian and canine innovative and unique grooming
plus cruelty-free nutritional supplement compounding
of our naturally nutritional supplements for our four legged friends

Ecologically efficient passive electrical power generation systems including solar array design and vertical wind powered turbines for home and commercial applications to evolve the potential of stable renewable energy resources

As you might imagine, we are exposed daily to myriads of innovative ideas and design systems which enhance and enliven our business portfolio thus allowing us to share with you our exciting revolutionary products, whose time has come; to that result and goal we endeavor!

You are invited . . . Join Us!

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